Hola Preciosa!

My name is Beatriz, I am a certified professional coach and speaker with certifications from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPec) and Toastmasters International. For over a decade I have been helping individuals and groups achieve their most ambitious goals. 


My services have evolved throughout the years, today I add value to the lives of women and femmes  through embodiment coaching. This methodology allows me to help my clients reconnect with their bodies, tap into its wisdom and use this information to create their most joyful and fruitful lives.


The need to focus on embodiment was revealed to me through the work I have been doing with my clients and through my own healing journey. 


I have been blessed to attract very driven female clients to my practice.  These women are go getters, full of drive and ambition.  Why would driven women need a coach to support them in achieving their goals? Well, these women had the desire to create great lives and business, but felt confused, overwhelmed and tired and had a hard time identifying the right next step.  They were confused because their decision making was highly influenced by external entities (bosses, teachers, parents, spouses, and media), they were overwhelmed because they did not own their NO and took more than they could handle, and they were tired because their lives lack rest, fun and pleasure.  Sounds familiar?


Overtime, I realized that my clients were my mirror. I too felt confused, overwhelmed and tired.  I also felt numb and disconnected.  My embodiment journey started when I chose to work on my healing through somatic therapy.  Somatic mean to relate to the body. Somatic therapy, and somatic work in general, allows us to heal old pain and trauma by focusing on the sensations in the body.  I choose this modality because I felt numb and disconnected from my body and something made me think that by reconnecting with my body, I could achieve the joy and happiness I was seeking. I was right!!!  Through therapy and engaging in various movements modalities I began to feel better, more connected.


In 2018 I had three major surgeries, the first was an elective hysterectomy that put an end to a 12 years struggle with fibroids, the last two were not elective.  In March 2018, just a few weeks after having a hysterectomy, I experienced a brain aneurysm rupture.  Aneurysm ruptures are fatal in 50% of the cases.  Those who survive do so with severe cognitive and physical impairments.  I survived cognitively and physically intact, and absolute miracle.  I had two craniotomies to clip the rupture aneurysm and stop the brain hemorrhage and another one to prevent another aneurysm from rupturing.  These experiences filled me with gratitude for the strength and resilience of my amazing body and increase my motivation to continue to heal and improve my life by relating to my body.  


Today I am the healthiest, happiest, most confident, creative, energetic and joyful I have ever been!!!!  I created this enhanced state in partnership with my body and I am happily helping my clients achieve the same results through my coaching system EmBody Joy.