Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching is a form of Life Coaching that focuses on reestablishing the connection between the self and the body.  Many of us move through life with little to no awareness of the sensations and messages that originate in the body.  This robs us the opportunity to tap into this primal source of human wisdom and interferes with our ability to make truly conscious and authentic life choices.

When we come into this world our bodies are the vessel we used to connect with caretakers and understand the world. Unfortunately, through socialization our connection with the body is severed.  For women & femmes this is especially true, since we are socialized to have an objectifying and antagonistic relationship with our bodies.  In western society, women are not trained to see the utilitarian value of the body and the health benefits of movement. Instead they receive messages that the body’s only value is esthetic, in service of attracting a mate and movement is just a tool to look better.  Women are also trained reject their cravings for sensual pleasure (food, movement, sex, etc.) and to seek guidance and validation outside of themselves, instead of using their own wisdom and judgement.


As an Embodiment Coach and Speaker,  I help women, femmes and female identified individuals, reconnect with their bodies, tap into its wisdom and use this information to create their most joyful and fruitful lives.