EmBody Joy
Success through body–centered consciousness

The most powerful catalyst to success is accessible to all of us.  However, we often are unaware of how impactful our relationship with it can be.  This resource is available to us from the day we are born until the day we die.  It is the most loyal partner we will ever have. It houses unlimited wisdom, energy and creativity.  It can help us tackle the greatest challenges, overcome stress and pain, and experience great pleasure and Joy.  YES, I am talking about the BODY, our most important partner in life, our permanent companion,  and the amazing container of our souls and dreams.

Due to social stigma, misinformation and body shaming many of us have flawed relationships with our bodies. The way we relate to our bodies has a huge impact on how we show up in life. It impacts our self-image, energy levels, confidence and wiliness to take chances.  Did you know that some people will miss job interviews, opportunities to speak up at meetings, reject a date or avoid social activities because they don't feel good in their own skin?

EmBody Joy is coaching system designed to help you develop an intimate and nurturing relationship with your body as the foundation of a healthy, abundant and joyful life. Imagine fully inhabiting your body, caring for it because it feels good, and making the right decisions because you are able to tap into and trust your inner wisdom. Feels amazing, right? That is EmBody Joy.

“Let your joy be in your journey—not in some distant goal.”   - Tim Cook
The EmBody Joy Process

Stage 1

  • Deconstructing negative body messages

  • Celebrating body diversity

  • Embrace nutrition and movement as empowerment tools


Stage 2

  • Connecting to bodily sensations

  • Understanding the body’s language

  • Following the body’s wisdom


Stage 3

  • Celebration and gratitude

  • Disciplined self-care

  • Creative fulfillment