EmBody Confidence

To be confident, it is to trust in one’s ability to deliver what is required at a given moment. Delivering what is required depends on our level of expertise and our ability to be present, think strategically and creatively.

Many of us when preparing to make a pitch, presentation or participate in a job interview do everything we can to prepare thoroughly in order to showcase our expertise. Our preparation includes reviewing data, statistics, facts about the person/people or company we will be interacting with and other pieces of information. However, rarely our preparation includes nurturing and grounding our bodies.

I don’t know about you, but I have had many instances where I prioritized the acquisition of knowledge over/or at the expense of my body’s wellbeing. You know what I am talking about, pulling an all nighter studying before a test, only to fail because I was too tired to remember what I studied. Or preparing for an interview until the last minute, neglecting to eat prior, only to have my stomach growling from hunger in front of my interviewers. A tired, stressed, and malnourished body does not project confidence.

To be in your best state and project the most confidence, I recommend you engaged in the following EmBodied practices:

Sleep well: Engaged in a practice sleeping 8 or more hours per night. It may feel like waste of time for an entrepreneur or driven professional, but trust me your productivity and creativity will increase exponentially.

Move daily: Move for 30-60 minutes a day. It can be walking, swimming or something with more exertion. Movement increases your endorphins, reduces stress and helps you think clearly.

Nourish your body well: Eat whole foods, preferably home cooked and drink plenty of water. Make sure your body feels satisfied but not overly full. Eat when hungry and don’t skip meals.

Wear comfortable well fitting clothes: Sometimes we wear suits or dresses that are too tight in certain areas or made from materials that are not comfortable, forcing us to move awkwardly or adjust ourselves regularly. Whenever possible get your suits tailored and buy fabrics that are 100% natural. Higher comfort will make you shine!

These practices will allow you to feel your best, be able to be fully present, creative and more responsive. Yes, you still need to research, rehearse and prepare a killer Power Point, but a healthy well-rested body will give you the confidence to close the deal.

Are there other things you do to increase your confidence? Please share.

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