Getting out of my head...literally!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Those who know me are aware of the fact that I am a huge, I mean HUGE, behavioral science nerd.

The desire to understand what motivates human behavior has been a constant driver in my life. This desire lead me to study psychology, become a certified professional coach and read hundreds of books on spirituality, psychology, anthropology and personal development.

The knowledge I acquired through my studies added great value to my life and the lives of my coaching clients. However, I couldn’t help to feel that there was something missing. That there was an untapped area of exploration, a missing element, that would help me understand the human experience, help me understand myself better.

Eventually something guided me to look elsewhere for the answers. Something told me that the missing information could be in the body, my body. I decided to trust this guidance, even if at the time my body was weak and in pain due to terrible uterine fibroids and massive menstrual bleeding.

SOMA means BODY in Greek. Since I was being guided to find the answers in my body I decided to find a somatic therapist. I found an amazing therapist, and the work we did together allowed me to uncover and process years of physical and emotional trauma that was not consciously aware off. By bringing my traumas into consciousness it also allowed me to see how I was perpetuating trauma and abuse in my current life by not setting healthy boundaries.

As I was doing this healing work, my fibroids grew larger and my uterus contracted an antibiotic resistant infection. I stopped therapy to undergo a hysterectomy.

The hysterectomy was a success! My body felt better within weeks, and I decided to return to therapy. At this time I joined a group my therapist was leading. I did this because I wanted to continue working on boundary setting and wanted to connect to others in a therapeutic environment. At my first group session I stated my intention as follows:

“My goal is to become more open minded, more accepting of myself and more welcoming of others. My goal is to learn that I deserve love and respect and never settle for less”.

The next day…BAM!

My mind was opened all right! I experienced a brain aneurism rupture and needed undergo two emergency brain surgeries. Leave it to the universe to take things literally. Come on!

For the next 20 days I was in intensive care, under observation. This happened during the month of March; I got to celebrate my birthday in the hospital. Probably my best birthday party ever (Mimi, thank you for the cake). I had hundreds of visitors and truly felt loved, respected and connected.

My recovery process was miraculous! I left the hospital without any cognitive or physical impairment. In case you are not aware, 50 % of individuals who have experienced a brain aneurysm rupture die within the first week, and a large percentage of those who survive have a cognitive of physical disability. To learn more about brain aneurysms, please visit the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) at

This experience left me in awe of my body. It showed me my body’s true value and its incredible strength. I learned to be grateful of this divine life companion.

I returned to somatic therapy and changed my relationship with food and movement. I learned to eat when hungry and stop when full, and learned to move because it helps me feel better, more energetic and it is FUN!

As I improved the relationship with my body, I became aware of how the body communicates its wisdom to us. The body’s wisdom provides cues that can inform our decisions and choices. I learned to connect to that wisdom and soon learn that by doing so I was making more authentic and wise decisions. Making my personal and professional life more joyful, increasing my confidence and wellbeing.

Yes, the body held the key! It holds the key to let go of old pain, the key to realize our value, the key to accessing a healthier and more authentic and successful version of ourselves. The EmBody Joy coaching system is the synthesis of my process, created to help you live your most joyful and successful life.

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