Group Coaching

Experience has shown me the value of working in community.  There is great synergy created when a group of women come together with the desire to live their most joyful lives.  For this reason I bring my EmBody Joy coaching services to small cohorts of 6-8 women for a minimum time commitment of 6 weeks.


Group coaching sessions include:


  • Completing the EmBody Joy assessment

  • Identifying and refining personal goals

  • Identifying group goals

  • Determining actionable steps

  • Developing a time bound action plan

  • Moving through the EmBody Joy Coaching Process

  • Weekly assignments

  • Identifying and eliminating blocks to success

  • Celebrating and building on achievements


Sessions are held over Zoom for a period of 90 minutes, once a week.  All participants must agree to adhere to confidentiality guidance.



Workshops (and webinars) provide women and femmes with concrete tools to live an embodied life.  Workshop topics include:


  • Deconstructing Negative Body Messages

  • Boundaries- Owning our YES and our NO

  • Movement and Nourishment

  • Fun, Play and Pleasure

  • Connection and Communication

  • Sensuality and Sexual Expression

  • Creativity and Joyful Productivity

  • And much moreā€¦.


Workshops can be customized to meet specific group needs. 


I also share a great deal of Free content through my Facebook and YouTube platforms. For more information Click here to see my events calendar.



Keynotes and speaking at larger gathering,  allows me to expand the reach of my transformational embodiment work.  I am a clear, relatable and impactful communicator who uses her life experiences to show women and femmes how to reconnect with their bodies, tap into its wisdom and use this information to create their most joyful and fruitful lives.