Work With Me

As a Life and Executive coach I am here to support you in developing actionable, focused, and sustainable strategies to achieve your personal and professional goals.  My coaching services include individual customized sessions over the phone or videoconference, group coaching and workshops.

Individual Coaching

The length and frequency of our coaching sessions can be customized to suit your needs and lifestyle.  My coaching process includes the following steps:

  • Clarifying and focusing goal(s)

  • Completing the Embody Joy assessment

  • Identifying actionable steps

  • Developing an action plan

  •  Setting date driven assignments towards the completion of your action plan

  • Holding you accountable for the completion of assignments

  • Identifying and eliminating blocks to success

  • Celebrating and building on achievements


This process can help you refine and achieve your most ambitious goals. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a cost efficient way to receive the support and benefits coaching provides. This service modality also leverages the wisdom and support of the group participants.  Group sessions are held by videoconference for small groups of 6-8 participants and require a minimum commitment of four weeks.  


Workshops on a variety of personal and professional development topics are held several times a years, throughout New York City.  Participants walk out of each workshop with a wealth of information and tools to fast track their growth and development process. 


Workshops can be customized for private and corporate groups.  Click here to see my events calendar.

To schedule a complimentary 20 minute coaching session contact me.